A Platform for Skateboarding Creatives  

WeCanFly started as a documentary project. Film Maker and Skateboarder Kelli Watson has produced 3 films with the overarching themes of skateboarding and creativity. Within these films she also explores the educational values of skateboarding with particular reference to the pshycological elements of learning to fail and build up resilience. In addition WeCanFly has also explored the theme of mental health and wellbeing. The forth WeCanFly film is currently in production. This film follows Kelli's personal Journey with a skateboarding injury and investigates how the resilience that she has built up through Skateboarding helps her but also the mental and physical struggles that she experiences on the road to recovery.



Along side the films, WeCanFly also provides a platform for skateboarding creatives by running an Open Mic night and curating a zine through The Pioneer Club in St Albans

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